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Recommend plugins for gnome v43


GNOME is a completely free-form desktop environment. Target operating system is Linux, but mostly BSD based and also supports GNOME. GNOME is a group of contributors and contributors. This is the only one that has been developed, and based on this, it is an item that has been developed and has no problems.

I used to use archlinux, used de (desktop environment) as gnome, and now gnome has been updated to 43rd edition, and there have been major changes, especially since I used gnome.

NOTE: Our gnome theme is simple and easy to use.

Suggestion: gnome’s incompatibility is due to the developer’s horizontal conflict, the reason for this is that the possible existence of this problem has been discovered, and the problem has been overhauled.


Arch Linux Updates Indicator

archlinux updates, support various management tools, such as yay, pamac, paru, yaourt, pacaur, aurman, trizen, pikaur, aurutils

Simultaneous support update gnome-shell!

Blur my Shell

For gnome-shell Additive effect, support dash, panel, overview, functionally comprehensive


Gnome’s screen protection and automatic activation, required for long hours unattended defensive missions!

Dash to Dock

For gnome-shell addition dock bash and overview medium dash match, and support bottom side left side

Enhanced gnome-like search function, supportive search application


KDE Connect on gnome Reprinted book, connection speed is good for KDE Connect, but there is a problem with automatic operation in the foreseeable future, and other uses

Lock Keys

Presently displayed on the panel is a large-format key and a small key.

Media Controls

Restricted media information displayed on the panel, highly standardized, supported


gnome’s volume control function is fully compensated, and the volume control function is increased.

Pano - Clipboard Manager

A new generation of gnome pruning board manager, the most powerful pruning board management tool in the immediate future, standardized support height

Removable Drive Menu

Displayed mobile equipment status and operation (as shown in panel)

Shu Zhi

gnome automatic mural generation tool, simple style, recommendation


Major adjustments to panel progress, Tsuyoshi no Fukezo unity shell


  • Maximize the window is to increase the window
  • Additional windows name on panel
  • Maximize time shift
  • For panel Add-on panel
  • Move notification position
  • External detail adjustment

User Themes

Additional gnome-shell subject

Workspace Indicator

Work area management, panel support area support


In the panel, the indicated use of the system monitor tool

Coverflow Alt-Tab

Alternate silent alt-tab function

Quick Touchpad Toggle

On the panel, there is a rapid opening touch panel, which is used to increase the sexual harassment.

Gesture Improvements

Improved tactile board manual operation,Comprehensive three-fingered window opening combination operation,Four-finger work section combination operation,External dependence on external work requirements for x11

Rounded Window Corners

Window opening angle addition tool