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Try migrating to wayfire 2


I have already migrate to wayfire, but I also have some other minor issues when using.


The following records the problems I encountered during use.

Nm-connection-editor doesn’t save password ?

nm-connection-editor depends on gnome-keyring, but it’s a bit heavy for wm, so I’m looking for a lighter alternative.

The solution now is to install two package called gnome-keyring and libsecret, and add gnome-keyring-daemon --start to sectin autostart.

Then, everything about network will work fines.

Prevent multiple startups when using wofi ?

You can use the following command to start wofi, its function is to find wofi in the process now, if not found, start a wofi instance!

pgrep -x wofi >/dev/null 2>&1 || wofi

Lightdm cannot start wayfire normally ?

When try to login into wayfire wayland session through Lightdm, it loads for some time and then goes back to login screen

Acorrding to this issue and this article

We can add this looping block into .xprofile:

if [ -n "$XDG_VTNR" ] ; then
    echo "Waiting for VT $XDG_VTNR:"
    for ((i=0;i<100;i++)) ; do
      echo  "  $(date +%s.%N) using $CURRENT"
      if [[ "$CURRENT" = "tty$XDG_VTNR" ]]; then
      sleep 0.01

That is because lightdm runs under X11, and then it will attempt to start wayland. But X11 takes a finite amount of time to release the video driver. when wayland start, the video driver has not been released yet, then wayland will not found vedio output and will be suspended, so timeout, return lightdm.

More infomation, can be found here.

About volume control

We can use pavucontrol to control pulseaudio, which is a tui tool.

we should note some device which has mutiple output interfaces, we should select proper interface.

For pipewire, we can use pamixer, this can control volume by console.

!!!!!!!!!! More to be done! !!!!!!!!!!