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Try migrating to wayfire 1


Recently, I want to migrate to windows manager, and I attempt to leran wayfire. In the past, I have heard and tried wayfire, but I didn’t migrate to it because I need a GUI file manager.

Now, I want to change my habit to adapt tui file manager for focusing on work. Another reason is that DE takes up too much memory and has some small bugs from time to time.

So, I chose wayfire, a cascading window manager, not tiling, I prefer cascading to tiling.

About Wayfire

Acording to its self introduction:

Wayfire is a 3D Wayland compositor, inspired by Compiz and based on wlroots.

It aims to create a customizable, extendable and lightweight environment without sacrificing its appearance.


It bases Wayland protocol, which is more modern than X11, more information can be found here


The official provides a very detailed tutorial, so I won’t talk about the basic tutorial here, just mention some problems and points encountered in the setup.

I suggest you read and complete the official getting started guide first

The keybind of PRTSC ?

You need to use KEY_SYSRQ instead of KEY_PRINT in default config! About more, you can learn from here!

WayBar start slowly in Wayfire?

It seems to be because of xdg-desktop-portal, it wakes up by dbus by default, but dbus tends to be slow!

We can add this in wayfire section autostart

dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd DISPLAY WAYLAND_DISPLAY

More infomation, here

Other component tools

For launcher/menu:

For terminal emulator:

For wayland bar:

For graphical notification daemon:

For logout menu:

For Idle management daemon:

For screen locker:

For auto-reload profile on hotplug:

For Day/night gamma adjustments:

For Screenshots:

For volume control:

For Screen brightness control:

For Wallpaper:

For more other programs, you can found here.